What is Malware and how to remove it

Malware can be termed as malicious software, programmed by attackers to disrupt computer operations. Malware includes viruses, Trojan horse, worms, tracking cookies, spyware, adware, spam, scareware and other malicious program.

Nowadays, Cybercriminals are going at a high level to conceal the code of what their programs are doing on an infected computer. Here are some symptoms indicating your device has been compromised:-

· Change of web browser’s default homepage

· Receiving numerous web browser pop-up messages

· New icons on the desktop

· Getting computer restarted automatically

· Unable to access the Control Panel, Registry Editor ,Task Manager or Command Prompt

· Receiving error while attempting access to certain websites, “Internet explorer could not display the page.

· Appearance of unexpected toolbars at the top of web browser

· Unresponsiveness or hanging of web browser

· Slow working speed of Computer

If experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is advised to follow the below guidelines to remove all the malicious infections present in your device.

It is recommended to start your computer with a ‘Start’ in a safe mode with networking

· Remove all CDs, DVDs and floppy disks from your computer and allow it to restart

· Press and hold the F8 key, if using Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista

· In the Advanced options, select Start-up settings and click on Restart

· If using Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista in the Advanced Boot Options, use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking, and press ENTER

These were various steps to remove all the malicious infections present in your PC to protect your sensitive data or information getting stolen by attackers. To keep your device safe from malware, use best antivirus software for real time protection.