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Hello! My name is Orrane Reid, I am currently a high school student in Southern California!

There’s a lot to learn about consumer technology. Technology evolves and improves constantly in a competitive fashion, like a virus inside a living organism vs occasional vaccines. Mainstream technology has seen innovation countless times.

Take for example this video cord here.

A RCA composite cable

This cord, namely the RCA composite cord, was introduced into the world in the 1940s, and we see them mostly in old audio and video systems like older DVD players and older gaming consoles like the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. This standard was able to output video through one cable, and sound through two other ones. With this cable, people can output video and audio content through their TV.

Now take a look at this cable:

A HDMI cord

That’s HDMI, which is a standard created in the early 2000’sand is now used for outputting audio and video content, just like the RCA cable above. But this can output both audio and video with only one cord, while outputting the video at more than three times the resolution.

This common example, as well as many others, show the evolution of technology over decades.

Due to human demand, technology has, and will continue to, shift and change as necessary. For example, a 2-in 1 laptop convertible is designed with portability and productivity as a major priority, which causes them to get slimmer and and more lightweight as possible to earn customers. Then there’s the gaming laptop, which is designed for portability like the 2-in 1 above, but puts heavier content creation and gaming as its priority. This is possible due to the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) that is included into this particular laptop. This causes those laptops to be thicker and weigh heavier in most cases, and also causes those laptops to last shorter on the go because of the power needed to supply the laptop. And there is the standard laptop, which is designed on portability like the other devices mentioned above, but has no specialty like the GPU or a slim and lightweight design. These types of laptops are still in demand due to their lower pricing than the two other types of laptops.

During my childhood, I was able to see technology evolve 2005 onwards. In fact, my young appreciation for technology came around the time YouTube was released. Since then, I tried to learn more about the consumer technology around me. From Windows XP machines, to smartphones that cram high processing power in small packages. I have seen, and I want to see more of, consumer technology evolve and grow.

So, I hope you enjoy my journey into consumer technology, this is just a small foretaste of what’s to come.

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