Body Scan: Mindfulness Practice When Taking A Break

When you take a break at work, do a body scan. If you don’t know what a body scan is, it’s a very commonly used and taught technique within the realm of mindfulness meditation. The basic idea is you often close your eyes and draw your attention to all the different parts of your body from head to toe and pay attention to what you are feeling in each of those parts of your body. Go through them slowly so you can really just pay attention.

Depending on how much time you take, break the body down into fairly small pieces and pull your attention back a bit to larger areas of the body once you’ve paid attention to the individual parts. Sometimes people do body scans paying attention to the exterior and then go to the interior so that you’re really exploring the in and out sides of your self.

One other variation is to merely to pay attention to and notice what you are currently feeling without attempting to change any of it. That’s one way to do a body scan.

You can do a body scan as more of an intentional exercise to both notice what you’re doing and to release tension. Scan your body to notice. Until you actually direct your attention to your jaw, you didn’t realise you were clenching your jaw. This way, you make an intentional attempt to release tension. Be aware of how it feels now. You may think of it as a combination of mindfulness and active attempt to release tension.

It’s up to you. Sometimes you might be interested in just noticing. You can do it standing, sitting, laying down. If you are doing the version of releasing tension, laying down can be great because it can be easier to fully release as you’re not using any muscles to hold yourself up.

This is one thing you can do when you take a break. There’s no rules at all per say. If it feels relaxing to you, then that’s something you may feel is a break. It’s up to you to define what a break is. Pay attention to the break that you’re engaging it. Does it really feel rejuvenating? If it does, then for you, it’s a break.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you reading this. I’ve included more mindfulness tips in the podcast I’ve released today. Have a listen. I hope it’s of service to you!

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