Shutdown Rituals: Leave the Work Stress at Work

Mar 29, 2018 · 2 min read

We hate to admit it, but nearly all of us take work home — either physically, mentally, or both. It can be hard to just pack up at the end of the day and leave everything at the office.

Unless your job requires the extra effort, though, leave work stress at work!

If we can’t find a way to transition the brain from work mode to relax mode, our thoughts can consume our mind until we finally pass out in bed at night.

Start a Ritual

One of the best ways to transition out of work mode is to establish a mindful “shutdown” ritual that you perform before leaving work. There are no specific rules to follow. Do whatever you need to do in order to leave the worries of work behind and simply be present.

Try to include small tasks that will help wrap up anything you have yet to finish or plan for your big day tomorrow.

The makeup of your power-down ritual will vary depending on your job and how you tend to relax — just remember to keep it consistent. By doing so, your mind will learn when it’s time to make the adjustment to home mode and prepare to let your stress go.

Think about including some of these in your daily routine:

  • Back up your important computer files.

Bring the Ritual Home

You can even carry a routine over to your home life. When you arrive home, change out of your work clothes — especially if your job requires a suit. Take a shower or head to the gym to clear your head. Again, find whatever works for you!

You can improve your shutdown ritual with Spire, which will help you monitor your breathing and relaxation throughout your routine until you’re completely calm.

Do you have an after-work routine? What helps you “shut down” and feel relaxed enough to enjoy the evening?


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