Think Different.

Why Gender Equality is Not Gender Equivalence

Gender equality begins with being yourself. But it turns out, being yourself is hard — especially if you’re one of few women in a male dominated industry. It’s tempting to think the solution for gender inequality is to be as much like a guy as possible. If a woman just acts like a guy and relates like a guy and (fill in the blank) like a guy, maybe she will fit in, get the raise, and be respected.

But ultimately, this kind of thinking only feeds the inequality. In essence, it’s saying, “Men are superior/more successful/etc., therefore women should be more like men.” Absolutely not!

Gender equality is about celebrating differences. When the strengths of women and men are combined, success is greater. The tech world doesn’t need more women acting like men; it needs the unique strengths of both women and men to build the technology of the future.

Women, be yourself and continue sharing your strengths.

Men, celebrate the differences of your female colleagues by focusing on the benefits of diverse opinions, thought processes, and work styles.

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