Open letter to iPad Pro rants

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of iPad Pro rant video’s being published to Youtube. You’d think the new Ipad is a really bad tablet, but it isn’t.

Those rants just seem to focus on one thing, Value and pro. But that isn’t the whole story!

Apple’s new iPad Pro is really good at the firs part: Being a really, really good iPad. Its gorgeous 13-inch screen may sacrafice portability but in return, you get a way better iPad experience in almost any aspect. Speakers are better (even tough they’re not front-facing yet.). Pictures, movies and text just look super crisp on its high resolution display.

The Pro in its name is also a point of critique.

Apple might have marketed the Ipad wrong here. In some ads you see it getting used to edit movies, edit photo’s as being a full laptop replacement. It isn’t. The Pro certainly packs the horsepower to do so. The software just doesn’t take advantage of it. Also the Optional keyboard cover just isn’t that good. Additionally, when adding up the price you really start to get onto Macbook Pro level.

The iPad pro can certainly be used by professionals, but not as a laptop replacement. More like a very expensive accesory.

It does fall short in justifying its price and I’m not here to deny that. It just doesn’t make Apple’s new creation a bad product like all the rants would make you think. If you have the money to spend, you won’t be dissapointed.

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