With SARS-Cov-2 spreading throughout the globe. Stock markets are fluctuating so much that big brokers have completely turned off Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Orders (CO) just because of high Volatility.

So many of my friends have started learning trading because of these fluctuations. However big crisis it may be, people supporting lockdowns are investing their free time for learning and self improvement, that’s commendable. It’s high time to learn about technical analysis in stock markets now. Let’s begin!

I’ll be using Zerodha Kite platform to showcase real market scenario, but any trading platform with good charting tool would work to understand “Bollinger Bands” completely. …

Parental watch at its best

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Have you been worried as a parent for what stuff do your children watch on computer? Well I have been too. But, not exactly.

I’m not a parent but I have a younger brother who needs monitoring. He gets distracted very often and feeds us lies when asked “What productive work did you do on computer?”

I know, I know what you all are thinking. Is this guy a SADIST? Why not let the growth of kid take a natural course? Why not let the kid explore the open world?

Well you are right! But learning needs focus. And without focus any type of learning is quite impossible be it cooking, driving, programming, etc. If the person knows what he does is wrong and knows he’s being monitored; he won’t dare get distracted. Yes, I installed the monitoring system only after I told my brother I would be setting such a surprise in your computer. …


Mayank Gupta

I’m a full time Data Scientist, part time software developer, stock market enthusiast and GSOC’17 veteran. https://mayankgupta.in

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