This 6 Mistakes Really Kills your Battery Life – Follow This Tips to Increase Battery Life

Generally you can measure your phones battery life by how many times you can charge your mobile during it's life time. A phone can be charged around 3000 times if you follow these small tips that how to charge your phone and how to avoid small mistakes during charging.

1. Charging Your Lithium Ion Battery Up to 100% will kill your Battery Life:

Everyone thinks that your Battery gives your long life if you charge the Battery upto 100%. But it is now true with Lithium Ion Smartphone Batteries. Now Every Smartphone consists of Lithium Ion Battery. As per the Reports from BatteryUniversity the battery gives good life. Lithium Ion battery is something different from other old Batteries. Charging your Lithium Ion battery up to 100%, or waiting to charge until it discharges below 0-20% is not Good for your Battery Life. So, now you must understand that your Battery works better when you kept charge between 20% - 80%. By following this method your phone can be charged around 3000 times in it's life time.

So, Try to charge your battery between 20% to 80%.

2. Charging Your Phone Over the Night:

Don't charge your phone over the whole night. It can kills your battery life and reduces its performance during the long time. You can charge twice a day, there will no problem for your mobile battery if charge more than 1 time per day, instead of that you can charge your phone 2 times during the day.

3. Turn off Background Running Apps:

You can save Battery life by Turn off Background Running Apps like GPS, Auto Sync Hot spot etc. This will show you lot of different in Battery life. So check frequently whether these Apps are running in background or not, because some Third Party Apps will make the them Turn on automatically.

4. Use Power Saving Mode if your Phone have it:

Some of the Android phones (Like Samsung, Redmi, Lenovo etc.,) have Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving modes, that limits your phone to Messaging, Phone Calls, Browsing and etc. This can squeeze extra hours or even a day of standby time out of just a few remaining percentage points of battery.

5. Do not use unnecessary widgets and Live Wall Papers:

Your Live wall papers and unused widgets are consuming power just because they're sitting idle on the mobile home screen . But don't remove everything, just remove the ones you don't use.

5. Reduce the Screen Brightness:

It's probably not easy to maintain your phone at low brightness, but you'll be surely surprised that how much it helps to improve battery life, as well as you can protect your eyes too with Low Brightness.

6. Turn ON Schedule "Switch OFF" and "Switch ON" during Night:

You can change your phone settings to Schedule On and OFF during your sleep. So it can save the battery power by 1.5 times more than before. But try to keep alternate number like Landline in working condition , because you may get any Emergency calls during that time.