6 Essential iOS Apps You Need at Home

Every house needs care and maintenance. There are always many responsibilities and chores to do, so any help is welcome and appreciated. As modern technology in the form of electronic devices is already helping in a great amount, there is one more gadget that can be very convenient in that manner. Your iPhone can be easily transformed into your own personal assistant by using some iOS App that will give you a hand with organization, finance management, meal planning and more. Meet some awesome apps that will make your everyday tasks a child’s play.

Get organized

Home Routines — very useful app when it comes to household organization. This user friendly app allows you to make checklists of your tasks and to dos, and afterwards to complete them on your preferred days of the week. Also, there are notifications that will remind you about future chores. In the end, after completing a task, there is a reward in the form of gold star that symbolically represent your triumph. A real time-saver feature is Focus Zones — customized cleaning schedule of each room in the house. This app will definitely help you organize better and in the same way devote more time to yourself. Finally you’ll stop procrastinating and complaining about upcoming cleaning.
Price: $4.99

Originally Published in TechGenYZ

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