9 reasons why iPhone X is worth the $1000 Price Tag

Apple has always maintained a 150% markup on all its iPhone series products. In fact, it has always been around 158%. So, if you are asking whether it is worth it to buy iPhone X $999 yet you are using an iPhone 7 that cost you $550, then you are overthinking.

So, let’s look at the 9 reasons why iPhone X is worth $999.

1. Aesthetic appeal

Unlike any other series, iPhone X is the only one that can boast of the most advanced, most compact, and the sleekest. It is sealed to ensure that water and dust remain outside. Top on the list of this appeal is a near-end display covering from end-to-end, surgical grade stainless steel frames, and all-glass body. It is a true upgrade even to the eye.

Originally Published In TechGenYZ

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