AI-powered Google Allo is now on available Apple iTunes and Play Store

After the successful launch of Google’s video-chat app Duo, the company has released much awaited messaging app Allo on Play store and Apple iTunes App store. The Allo app’s abilities were introduced at I/O 2016 back in May. And finally the public version has been released to Android and iOS devices. It has features like end-to-end encryption, temporary private messages. But the most eye-catching feature that it acts as a virtual digital assistant dubbed as the Google Assistant and is powered by the company’s advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

Google notified another notable aspect of Allo that comes with fully encrypted –users can activate the incognito mode to secure their conversation. When the user chats in Incognito mode, messages will have end-to-end encryption. In addition to that, Allo provides a couple of more privacy options such as discreet notifications and message expiration time like Snapchat.

Originally Published in TechGenYZ

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