Cryptography experts suggests Apple to replace its iMessage encryption

Security has always been the primary confer for Apple — now it has taken some step to secure its iMessage users. A new report published on PatentlyApple states that the technology company has fixed iMessage protocol after several issues were discovered by a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University.

John Hopkins, cryptography professor Matthew Green and a group of his students discovered that iMessage has a paramount fault that can’t be permanently fixed. Green suggested that for the sake of security of its user’s Apple must replace its iMessage encryption.

Matthew Green said that, “This discovery is all the more important now, at a time when the U.S. government is arguing that technology companies shouldn’t use strong encryption and security for devices, if that means the devices and communications can only be decrypted by the users themselves.”

Green also said that even though Apple had proficient cryptography experts design the iMessage protocol, they still couldn’t get it quite right. This shows how hard security is — even without having to worry about government-mandated backdoors:

Originally published in TechGenYZ