Expert Insights: 5 Predictions for Technology In 2020

Each year, technological innovations continue to reshape the world. Today, technology plays a vital role in our everyday lives and it helps people accomplish so much more than they could a decade ago. Nevertheless, technology continues to evolve and new and creative inventions help the human race develop further. In which direction technology will go in the future is hard to predict. However, these 5 technology predictions will surely await us in 2020.

Migrating to the cloud

Cloud computing is gaining in popularity and practicality each year and by 2020, it may become a standard. So far, there are three aspects of cloud computing in use, SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Cloud computing has enabled businessesto take their marketing to the next level and it has helped businesses scale accordingly.

Originally Published In TechGenYZ

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