Google’s infrastructure drive: Adds three new subsea cables and five regions

Google’s endeavor of improving infrastructure has not been concluded even after three years of the company’s investment of $30 billion as they continue to pursue higher limits of increased connectivity. As of today, they announced the addition of three new undersea submarine cables and five new Cloud Platform regions.

The Netherlands and Montreal regions await their opening in the first quarter of 2018, closely followed by Los Angeles, Finland, and Hong Kong. The commission of three cables in 2019 includes the Curie, connecting Chile to Los Angeles, HK-G connecting Hong Kong to Guam, interconnecting major subsea communication hubs in Asia, and Havfrue, a consortium cable connecting the USA to Denmark and Ireland.

Google’s cloud service attract investments for constant improvements of their network, some accounts contributing up to 25% of internet traffic. These investments aim at improving connectivity and expand Google’s reach of Cloud services, having companies like PayPal depending on them for the smooth execution of their business ventures. Shri Shivananda, PayPal’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, had commented that the billions of transactions across the globe must be done “securely, instantaneously and economically”, thereby rendering security, networking and infrastructure as key considerations while choosing a cloud provider. He added, “With Google Cloud, we have access to the world’s largest network, which helps us reach our infrastructure goals and best serve our millions of users.”

Originally Published In TechGenYZ