Why Website Design Is Crucial for a Startup’s Success

Even the birds in the trees are by now aware that a huge percentage of startups fail within the first few years. There are innumerable reasons as to why startups do not succeed and it can almost seem like an impossible task to found and run a successful one.

One of the factors that can contribute to your startup becoming one of the few successful ones is the design of the website that will present your new company to the world and your customers.

But, why exactly is website design so important for startups and how they can do it the right way?

Great website design does a ton of things for a startup — it separates it from the competition, it helps build a brand and it also enables the business to thrive by making it easier for customers to engage with the brand.

These are all reasons why you should never consider website design an afterthought when thinking about your startup.

Originally Published on TechGenYZ

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