Greeting From Tech.Get.Go!! Today I write a Blog About Commonly Asked Question About Power Bank Before Any Customer want to Purchase ?

Q.How long does a Power Bank take to charge? A.This depends on your power bank battery and rating of the charging circuit. Power banks use capacitors for quick charging externally and slowly discharging into the power bank. In most cases, the time to charge a power bank depends upon the total current, the battery and internal circuit can handle. For example a lead acid battery can handle high current and therefore the charging time for power bank with lead battery is low. On the other hand NiCd or Li-Ion can handle low current, hence the charging time for power bank with this type of battery is high. In general small units may take 3–4 hours and high capacity ones up to 15 to 18 hours. Q.How many times a Power Bank charge my smartphone/tablet? A.This depends on the capacity of your power bank and the device you want to charge. A power bank with capacity 1500 mAh can charge a device drawing 150 mAh per hour for about 10 hours. Depending on the health of your battery and what application you are using your smartphone for, listening to music, talking or streaming videos, will affect how much mAh are being pulled from your battery. Q.How long Your Power Bank will stay charged If You don’t use it? A.Normally, it should last for many days. A Li-Ion battery last about 2–3 months, but it depends on the design of the power bank and how much drain is on the battery from the int ernal circuitry. They should certainly last long enough for anyone to use them for charging their phone over a week or two or more. Q.Can I charge my laptop with a Power Bank? A.Majority of the laptops available today cannot be charged with power banks. Only some latest laptop with type C connector can be charged via USB with power banks.