Android TV launchers 2018

Setting up my new Android TV box wasn’t so easy that I thought. I wonder how did the TV viewing has changed over time. Every smart TV can be converted into an Android TV in present world just with the help of few app launchers. In fact, any TV with HDMI port can add Android TV operating system with available best Android TV launcher. Here I found some best Android TV launchers for Android TV boxes. However, owning an Android-ready TV isn’t so necessary to use these launchers. Any smart TV users can get use these launchers for available Android compatible devices.

There are many Android TV launcher apps to set the home screen like the Android operating system. Mainly the persons who aren’t great fan of Google Leanback launcher which comes default. Never the less, Leanback launcher is pretty easy to use but doesn’t impress savvy users. The alternative Android TV launchers help to get the maximum out of Android TV boxes. Users need to install the custom launchers to use other apps as homescreens.