So you want to get into video, do you?

Well, I’m so glad to hear that because I think YouTube and vlogging are two of the greatest things ever!

Have learned a thing or two about vlogging and using YouTube during that time, so today I thought I’d share 10 YouTube tips for anyone thinking of getting into video. Let’s get started!

1. Be consistent about posting videos

The best advice I can give you is to get your stuff out there!

Making good videos takes practice, and you’ll only get better if you keep at it. It’ll take months for you to learn the basics of video editing, but the consistency is the thing that’ll keep your channel alive. It’ll help you to grow your channel at a steady rate.

If you are not the guy who loves complicated things like Video editing, you can outsource it using the third-party websites like Fiverr or Up work.

2. Don’t forget to do SEO on your videos

If you want to take your video on top of YouTube’s search results, then you have to some proper Search Engine Optimization of that video. Here are some basic things that you’ll have to follow while uploading YouTube videos.

1) Give your video a descriptive title
You want something that explains exactly what your video is about and gets keywords in the title. If you are making a video on the “Robotics,” then the video should have “Robotics” in the Title. The Title of the video should be interactive and descriptive. Make sure you’ve included Keyword [ the topic on which your video is based] in the title.

2) Use tags
Tags are keywords that will help people find your video. With the use of tags, you are telling YouTube ranking algorithm about the contents of your Video. You can add any keyword related to your videos in the tags section. Make sure you add your keywords and related words in the tag section. Take full advantage of the tags section.

3) Write a description
The Description is another interesting part of YouTube SEO. Without the Description, it is hard to get your video on the top of the YouTube Search Results. Make sure you’ve added the proper description of the video you are uploading. Also, adding the 2 or 3 keywords related to your video in the description will help you to get better visibility in YouTube Search Result Pages.

3. Having a Fancy Camera is Not Necessity at Starting

Image Credit — ShutterStock

There is a misconception among many people about the equipment you need while shooting the YouTube videos. Many people think that having the high-end SLR camera is necessary. It is not required at all.

Yes! Having a camera is important but not the high-end. It all depends on the How you are making use of the camera. Many of the famous YouTubers like MKBHD and PewDiePie started their YouTube journey with the default webcam on their computers. They just used some simple webcam recording software and recorded their videos and uploaded the videos on YouTube.

4. Be Social, Be Helpful

Image Credit — Flickr.com

When you are contributing to a Community Network like YouTube, you have to mix with others and be more socially interactive. Find channels that are related to your Niche, connect with them, watch their videos and appreciate their awesome videos by commenting. Do everything you can to connect with your fellow YouTubers.

Share your videos on your social handles. Share the videos on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and any other social platform where you are active and engage with your friends.

When you upload any informative video, your viewers will ask you some doubts in the comment section. Interact with them and solve their doubts. This is how you can get some loyal subscribers just after helping them resolve their problems with your videos and answers.

Final Words

The YouTube is a goldmine for those who work hard. If you work hard and stay helpful, you’ll find gold soon. The YouTube is all about being informative, helpful, social and enthusiastic. You cannot survive on YouTube if you lack any of these things.