IT is Indispensable for Business Optimization

When we look around, we can clearly see the journey covered by our businesses with IT over the last 3–4 decades. With a constantly changing market, IT has taken up different roles from value driver to enabler to business differentiator in various industries.

In the early days of technology adaptation, the use of IT was limited to automate standard processes and churn medium to large volumes of data minimizing manual intervention & hence, avoiding potential human error. In the next stage, technology was used to simplify complex processes and compute large & complex data sets which helped in converting data into meaningful information. This information was used for making business critical decisions. In the last few years, the use of technology has changed the way we do business. It actually changed business models, market segments, customer behaviour and what not. Even traditional businesses woke up to embrace IT to remain competitive and at times, even relevant.

Is IT so indispensable?

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