Technology That Goes the Distance

Evolving technologies boost economic growth. The automotive battery industry contributes to the growth of increasing investments in the trade. An online market research firm predicts that the global automotive battery market will grow by 6.9 percent over the period 2012–2016. One of the key contributing factors to this market growth is the increasing investment in Research & Development by the manufacturers.

Batteries have been the current focal point of the automotive sector. Apart from the lead-acid batteries, new and revised technologies are paving way for lithium-ion batteries. There are a variety of vehicles with the introduction of electric bikes and cars which are increasingly being launched. Keeping this in mind, appropriate battery charging systems and battery designs are required. Appropriate parameters for battery performance include pulse performance, cycle life and safety. There are increasingly new markets for the battery industry which include Electric Vehicle Batteries, Inverters, Solar batteries, and Electronic Surveillance products.

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