Young Guns Ensuring Digital Omnipresence

Digital marketing is growing rampantly in India and abroad. The current market spending in Digital advertisement is growing at a pace of 30–40 percent per annum. This growth is further bolstered by the growing number of mobile phone users in India that has been estimated to reach approximately 800 million by 2020. Government initiatives such as Digital India have created a congenial environment for this industry leading to innovation as aspiring digital marketers make their way in. Along with the advantage of reduced cost of marketing, digital marketing levels down the competition wherein small businesses have equal opportunity to compete with enterprises — all you need is a well thought out website with a rich experience. With these factors in favour, the expectations of clients across industry segments soar high. While the small and medium sector enterprises look at an ROI based approach where the expectation is to generate more business; blue chip companies, on the other hand, look at strong digital presence, especially for awareness and engagement purpose. These enterprises are looking for innovative solutions where the audience can interact on social media and give feedback on product experiences, services and more.

Bringing in a strong under- standing of the aforementioned market expectations is Pune based SRV MEDIA, a leading digital media marketing firm well equipped to provide customized solutions imbibed with innovation to both start-ups and large enterprises. The Founder of SRV Media, Vikram Kumar states, “We have a dedicated team who work on PPC campaigns with the aim of increasing business leads for SMBs. We have another team which specializes in brand communication and focuses on ideation for new product launches, services, etc. Large enterprises utilize our services to increase interaction on their digital presence. Our teams help them with new ideas and concepts to bring in value for their products and services.”

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