Which is the best Air Purifier ?

We have used two best Air Purifier in last two months and find the best one for you. Here is the Review of both the Air Purifier. You can decide which is the best for you after reading this.

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Review

There are several cheaper air purifiers in the market offering the same kind of Air filtering, you must consider that Blueair Blue Pure 211 covers the almost double area and offers better Clean Air Delivery Rate. So, it cleans air faster than other products you can find. It has good design and almost no complex function. Just turn it on and it starts cleaning the air.

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Crusaders XJ-2900 Air Purifier Review

This Air Purifier is good and smartly combines all purification technologies in one. It is not just to give you clean air, but its Anion feature aims to keep you healthy.

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