Amazon Go

Average household spends around 18–20 hours per week with food related activities. Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating at home or out and entertaining. Compare that with 40 hours you spend at work per week.

Amazon launches a physical store that reduces your grocery shopping time. It’s helping you save what 15 minutes per week ? And not really if you are anyways using one of the food subscription services — instacart, blue apron, munchery, taro or yuhmbox to name a few.

What if you can spend only 5 minutes instead for anything related to food ? Let’s say by taking balanced nutrition pills.

But then you would say that you are losing out on the human connection or experience. A family eating dinner together. Going on a date to a restaurant. Dining out on an occasion. Enjoying the taste, smell and the art of cooking.

Can we build a VR experience around that ? How far fetched is that?

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