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Oct 3, 2018 · 4 min read
How to Manage Business’s Online Reputation

In today’s jiffy, no one can’t deny how important the web platform has become for business management. Almost every new business joins the global race on the web in the hope to reach the top. Some do succeed in achieving what they have thought of, but some have to pacify themselves with whatever they get.

Now imagine, in this race of reputation building, someone blocks your way. Someone tries to bring down your reputation, someone tries to argue with you in public. What would you do? How would you continue to the race of becoming a big entrepreneur? How would you silent these proclaimers? Yes, it is really difficult. But a pious goodwill and a strong backend may help fight for good of the firm and may aid in getting to the top.

Given beneath are some of the most valuable points to keep in mind while maintaining the online reputation, for this is the major factor which may decide the fate of your business.

Let’s get started.

1) An active presence on all the major sites

You are into the race; how would the world know? Announce your presence by being active on platforms like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. If you are into a highly competitive ambiance, you may need other accounts too. To give eye feasting information, do not forget to get yourselves to Instagram and Pinterest. People would like a lot if you post some videos about your work. Best Video Production results could be gathered from YouTube and Vimeo should be there at your service.

2) Social Media is a Magnet Media

Along with the accounts on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, you need to be proactive on other social media platforms too. Youth today is significantly active on these platforms where you can get good leads for your social media marketing in India and abroad. Building a goodwill on these platforms gradually helps you get better ranks on Google, giving you a boost in the race. You can weigh you performance using many tools. Some of the most prominent are Klout and Kred.

3) Claim your brands and products like a pro

It is just like another naïve act if you have different products and brands beyond your company name and you are using the same site for everything.

You need to create different sites, web pages and social media platforms for getting it individual ranks. Use the best strategies for all the pages and sites.

4) Protect those who run the business

Every person associated with the business must have a strong social media presence. Keeping a low profile just makes the associated personnel more vulnerable to drive-by defamers.

People usually search business with the name of a person. If the respective person has a parallel profile, customers could easily be ported to the business site.

5) Authorship Applicable

The author is the one who works like the pen and ink for a website. The author should be plagiarism free and Google approved. Google can tag only an individual Google+ profile as an author. No company as a whole can become that. The author has penmanship of the site and should stay true and wise.

6) Blogging

Blogs are the hub of local SEO. If written carefully, Blogs can take the website to high Google ranks and hence can polish up your global image.

Not only that, blogs can also act as your personal courts. You can clarify any assertion made by mass through the blog where you can clean up the mess in one go.

7) Listen

Stick that to your mind, if a customer is complaining about something, there must be some drawback. And if there are regular negative reviews, you need to act as soon as you can.

There are some businesses which are dumb enough to not reply to the negatives and when the site starts reflecting the negative reviews, other potential customers too fly away.

It is better to have a patient word with the complainant and listen to his complaint. Act accordingly and win the trust.

8) Apologize

Following the previous point, if you create the chaos, own the damn thing like a boss. A kind and honest apology may help you diffuse the situation at the earliest.

Keep in mind that the apology should be genuine and not the wordy nonsense. And yes, do not forget to clear up the mess afterward unconditionally.

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