Semiconductor industry is moving towards automotive business

Sometimes, certain industries start feeding each other the necessary demand and supply nexus that each business needs. Such has been the case with automobile industry and semiconductor development business where automobile industry is increasingly adopting state-of-the-art semiconductor technology to renovate the very idea of the car. Statistics don’t lie and currently vehicles consume 10 percent of electronic semiconductor production around the world. As more computation, more sensory capability and more connectivity becomes the obsession, the presence of semiconductors seem inevitable to an extent with only increase in sight. From microprocessors to micro controllers to simple IC chips, vehicle industry may well lead the semiconductor consumption in near future.

Why such demand?

Of course, behind every story of increased demand lies a story of new necessities that arise because of certain changes. Automobile industry is trying to open new horizons by ensuring safety and security of a supremely advanced level and it is impossible to provide such precision without taking recourse to latest sensors. Similarly, a robust internal architecture is only possible if an amount of electronic technology is invested to make the experience smoother. Another factor of concern is the big data handling where high-speed electronic devices are a must.