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Great articles are the key to success in blogging. If you are a professional blogger then I am sure that you know the importance of quality and uniqueness of the articles. In this article, I will discuss how to write a good article.

Great articles lead to great content. And once you have great content in your blog, nobody can stop you from getting huge traffic.

Let me make you more clear. Let us suppose you have a blog with one hundred articles and none of them are optimized according to Search Engine guidelines.

Then I am 100% percent sure that your articles will never rank in the position you are expecting. It doesn’t matter that how much time you have spent on them.

If your articles are not optimized correctly they will never rank correctly in Search Engines. And if your articles are not ranking then obviously you will never the traffic you are expecting.

How to Write a Good Article to Grow Your Blog:

Before starting let me make you clear that It doesn’t matter that what platform are you are using for your blog. It may be Blogger, Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.

It completely depends upon your choice. I am using WordPress and if you are interested to start your blog with it then first you should know about how to build website with WordPress.

So, let’s start my tutorial on how to write a good article for your blog and make it successful. I am going to tell you few things which you should keep in your mind while writing articles.

Requirements to Write a Good Article:

As I already mentioned, it doesn’t matter on what platform or on what topic you are writing but the following mentioned things are very necessary to keep in mind while writing. Let me discuss them one by one.

1. Article Length:

Article length is a major aspect now. It is recommended that your article must have 300 words. But if you are really serious about you blogging then I recommend you to write a deep article up to 1500+ words.

It is found in a survey that longer the article more will be the user’s attention to it. So make your article as long as possible. Also, include some images or videos to it.

More is the length more organic traffic you will get. After all, it is all about traffic. It will also help you in reducing your website Bounce Rate.

2. Title Length:

I have noticed in many articles that people are not caring about the title of their articles. Either they are making it very short or very long.

Let me clear you about the length of the article. It is recommended by Google that your article’s title length must not exceed than 70 characters.

If you make it lengthy only 70 characters will display in search result page. So always try to keep your article’s title length between 45 to 70 characters.

If you have already written the title of your articles which are either very short or long then it is strongly recommended to correct them immediately.

3. Meta Description:

A meta description is a 160 character snippet which is used to summarize your article content. It is also displayed in search engine results to provide some help to users.

You should write a meta description to provide a short summary of your articles. Don’t make it too long because only 160 characters will display on Search Engine results page. As shown:

I highly recommend writing a neat and clean meta description. If somehow you don’t worry know how to add it then Search Engine will automatically detect it.

4. Using Focus Keyword:

Focus keyword refers to the keyword or idea on which your article is based. I recommend you to use long tail keywords because in short tail keyword the competition is very high.

To find keywords I recommend to use Google Keyword Planner to generate new ideas for your articles. You can also use other tools which are available online.

5. Multimedia:

Multimedia helps you in creating interest of users in your article. Article with only text written in it has maximum bounce rate.

It is highly recommended that in your article you should add few images, videos or both. It will make your article more interesting and comfortable.

Multimedia not only contains images or videos but you can also add few other things like location, audio clip, hypertext some animations etc. When you add images, do not forget to add ALT TAG to it.

Nowadays infographics are very popular. You can also add them. One thing you should follow is not to overload your article with these elements.

6. Outbound Links:

Outbound links refer to the links which are referring to some external website, page or any other links. When you click on them they will redirect you to a new page.

As an example, suppose I am using word Google in my article. Not it will be good if I attach it to its domain by using tags or hyperlinks.

7. Internal Links:

Internal links are links which are hyperlinked to the other articles of your website. If you are writing an article and have some related articles to the topic then add them to it.

Wikipedia is a great example of internal linking of pages. When you open a Wikipedia article you can see the article contain lots of internal links on the single page. If you have great internal links in the article then obviously it will be good for SEO of your article.

8. Including Heading Tags:

Always use heading tags in your article. But make sure that do not include more than 300 words under one heading. Instead, make different sub headings.

How to Write a Good Article with Perfect Readability Score:

Apart from above points, Readability is also a major point. What if you have written an article with 2000 words and people find difficult to read it.

Obviously, they will jump to another website. Poor readability can cause you traffic loss and also Search Engine will decrease your ranking.

Here, I have some good recommendations which will help you in writing articles with great readability score. Let’s discuss them below:

1. Passive Voices: Make sure that not more than 10% your sentences include passive voices. Always try to use Active counterparts. If you don’t know what are they, please search in Google for it.

2. Flesch Reading Ease Test: It is designed to know that how difficult a passage in English is to understand. Always keep the score between 50–100. Check your readability here.

3. Words in Subheadings: Always keep remember that your total number of words in subheadings must not exceed than 300 words. Long paragraphs make them boring. So keep them under 300 words.

4. Short Sentences: Always try to make short sentences. If possible please do not include more than 20 words in a sentence. Keep the short and easy to read.

How to Write a Good Article with Grammarly Extension:

Grammarly is one of the best software for writers. If you want to write error free articles then you must install its extension. Simply go to google chrome store and install it for free.

Simply sign in and it will take care of everything you write in your browser. If you make any mistake or misspell anything, this software will highlight it automatically. After that, you can correct it.

Grammarly is available in Free and Paid versions. The free version is limited and Paid Version and all the features which are required to write perfect articles. If you can buy it, go for it.


In this guide on How to Write a Good Article, I have discussed many things. Let me quickly summarize them for you. I have discussed the following things:

  • Importance of articles
  • Requirements to write a good article
  • Various aspects while writing an article
  • How to write a good article with Readability test
  • Use if Grammarly extension

If you have any difficulty in the above article please let me know in the comments or contact me via contact us page 🙂

Originally published at on September 14, 2017.

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