Supermarket is Dead! Long life to the SUPER market…

While I was waiting the digital new upcoming innovations, I really thought that the supermarket was dead! But in reality, supermarket is moving faster than expected! Many consumers love having groceries delivered to their door, but there is still a huge number of shoppers that love going to the store and personally select their products. It is clear that the “digitization” of the store is becoming a key issue in many sectors of distribution and the Grocery retail is not being outdone. Several technologies and techniques are promising in the context of “digitization” of supermarkets, provided they are well controlled. Bellow, find the Techingrocery selection of the 15 most disruptive innovation to change the face of supermarkets as we know!

IBeacon Reinvents Proximity!

This technology uses Bluetooth transmitters. It locates smartphones or tablets customers and send them offers, discounts or contextualized information depending customer geolocalisation. This technology is driven by Apple but it is available on all Android devices ( from 4.3) equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip. We can interact with the customer via the application on his smartphone. Platforms like Rover, Bealder or Beaconstream address this kind of personalized content. Here a short video to understand the IBeacon technology:

Why people are getting crazy with this innovation?

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are particularly excited about this technology. Location sensitivity allows physical retail to push deals and coupons to those nearby and heat map visitor concentration to track which displays are generating attention and which are being ignored. Enhanced traffic tracking and the ability to precisely target nearby users will bring to physical stores advantages once held only by online retailers. Target, the second largest general merchandise retailer in the U.S embrace this technology and started beacon implementation in 50 of its stores nationwide. But the mains groceries retailer leader as Tesco, Target, Walmart, Waitrose, Auchan seems to be enthousiast about IBeacon.

Improve your Experience with Augmented Reality Glasses…

The chain Intermarché ( Les Mousquetaires ) set test a prototype of glasses connected ( Wuzic of French origin ) , proposed by the Digitas agency. They allow the consumer to be guided to the shelves according to the list of previously entered races and to receive information on demand.

Or Skip the Glasses and Draw your Smartphone!

Ads Reality ( A.i.Solve , UK ) is a mobile application to highlight products or retain customers and analyze data. Another app ‘ Interactive Environments ” plans advertisements on very large screens or specially equipped shop windows to display images in augmented reality.

4. Kitchen Connected

Be connected to your supermarket from home! This remote device allows the consumer to add articles to his shopping application through the barcode or by vocal recognition. Amazon Dash, hiku by chronodrive, Pikit by Carrefour or Api by Intermarché want to take this innovations wave and introduce the day to day of their customer.

“Everything Bar code”: Soon a new Standard!

Digimarc and GS1 US are collaborating to expand their barcode around the world. Printed everywhere on the product, the invisible global bar-code allows a faster collection of products in the cashier line. This increase the efficiency of the store but it’s not all. The printed code can be combined with 2D codes or serial number allowing authentification, direct marketing or redirection toward information, photos, vidéos ect…

Jérémy CHALEIL is the founder of as well as a digital marketer. Since many year he investigate on Retail, Marketing, Science, Technology, and Innovation in Food industry sector.