Tech Japan Signs an MoU With IIT Hyderabad

To foster an industry-academia collaboration between Japanese tech companies and IIT Hyderabad

We are proud to announce that, on September 13, TechJapan signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with India’s top engineering school, IIT Hyderabad. We believe that this agreement will take our partnership with IIT Hyderabad to the next level and facilitate a better collaboration between academia and industry.

■ In order to provide more opportunities for IIT Hyderabad students to interact and partner with Japanese companies, we pledge to do the following:

a. Establish a laboratory at IIT Hyderabad
b. Organise lectures or training days at IIT Hyderabad and Tech Japan(SUKILLS Inc.,)
c. Provide internship opportunities at the premises of both IIT Hyderabad and Tech Japan(SUKILLS Inc.,)
d. Conduct a regular exchange of information regarding the latest research progress
e. Establish a joint R&D and publication.

Pictured (from left to right), Director of IIT-H Dr. Murty, Assistant Professor of IIT-H Mr. Kataoka, Senior Advisor of Tech Japan Mr. Takeyari, CEO of Tech Japan Mr. Nishiyama

■ Open a class on Japanese technology at IIT Hyderabad

While Japan is generally famous worldwide for its high-tech society, where major social and environmental challenges are tackled by emerging industries like robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence, there is not that much detailed information out there about the inner workings of these industries.
Tech Japan collaborates with Japanese tech company founders and CEOs in order to co-organize classes for IIT Hyderabad students where these experts can share their unique insights. Topics addressed will include:

・The social and/or environmental problems that the speakers are working to solve
・The cutting edge technologies that they are currently developing
・The opportunities that they can provide to IIT graduates and students

■ Provide opportunities for Co-R&D

Tech Japan provides and fosters opportunities for Co-R&D and Co-Research between Japanese tech companies and IIT Hyderabad students and professors. Our member Mr. Takeyari is a former managing director and Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd. and he has knowledge and capacity to support for it. Based on purpose, theme, technology, and budget, we can match properly and incubate it.

■ Tech Japan

The goal of Tech Japan is to foster a collaboration between Indian talents and Japanese technology companies. Japan has excellent interesting technologies that it uses in order to try and solve major worldwide social issues. However, Japanese companies are lacking in global talents, especially in the field of IT. Tech Japan provides information and offers great opportunities for Indian talents to join Japanese companies that try to solve major social and environmental problems with cutting edge technology.



Innovation Platform to bridge between Indian talents and Japanese technologies

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Tech Japan

Innovation Platform to bridge between Indian talents and Japanese technologies