Tech Japan Starts to Build Bridge Between IITs and Japan Tech Companies

Launching Project “Tech Japan”, Connecting Indian Talents and Japan

4 Oct, 2019

SUKILLS Inc. (HQ:Tokyo Japan, CEO:Naotaka Nishiyama) will be starting Tech Japan which is a platform to foster collaborations between Indian talents and Japanese tech companies in technology field. (

Japan has some interesting and outstanding technologies, with which tries to solve major worldwide social issues. However, Japanese companies are lacking of global talents, especially in the IT field. Tech Japan promotes information and give opportunities to Indian talents to solve big social problems with Japanese technologies.

What will Tech Japan provide to Indian IT specialists?
Tech Japan provides an introduction service for IIT, NIT, IIS and other students and graduates in India who are from technological background and help them get connected with the Japanese tech companies. Based on qualifications and preferences, Tech Japan gives matching opportunities with Japanese tech companies. Among all the Japanese start-up companies, we are carefully selecting tech start-up companies based on the following criteria:

1: Working to solve social and/or environmental problems
2: Uses cutting-edge technologies
3: Offering a diverse and inclusive work environment

What kind of opportunities can Indian IT specialists get?
Tech Japan offer a Full-time job opportunities in Japan.
Solving social issues by connecting with the best minds in India. You can come to Japan and explore new challenge with us. After registration from the site, Tech Japan recommend tech companies among the prominent list. If you have tech-background, you can lead global business or invent great products together.

How Tech Japan is different to other platforms?
Tech Japan selects only the top Japanese tech companies.
Demands from Japan are huge. However until now, there wasn’t enough solution to match the Indian talents and Japanese tech companies. In general, traditional Japanese corporations are not ready to accept foreigners in Japan. On the other hand, Japanese tech startups and mega venture companies are rapidly growing in few years and ready to collaborate with foreigners. Founding team of Tech Japan have been working with top Japanese tech startups and Indian talents who can only bridge the gap.
Most of our selected startups have been officially certified by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry in Japan as prominent startups “J-Start-up Company” after rigorous examinations.

Mr. Takeyari join as an advisor for Tech Japan

Mr. Takeyari is a former Managing Director, Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd.
He has over 30 years of experience in R&D and software development for consumer products, PC and Network services and has served in various management & leadership positions in Sony Corporation, Tokyo.
Since October 2008 to November 2015, he had been in charge of Sony India Software Centre in Bangalore as Managing Director and contributed significantly to strengthening and expanding the organisation. After that, he returned to Japan and retired from Sony Corporation.
Since April 2014, he has been Chair of NASSCOM Japan Council to promote India — Japan relationship in IT Industry and is continuing this activity in Japan. In March 2018, he published the book in Japanese, which is “India Shift: Why are the world’s top companies establishing R&D centers in Bangalore?”

About Tech Japan

Tech Japan is a pioneer platform to foster collaborations between India and Japan in tech-field.
2–21–3 Seihou Building 7F, Higashi Ueno Taitou-ku, Tokyo Japan

Innovation Platform to bridge between Indian talents and Japanese technologies

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