3D Printing Reaper’s mask from Overwatch

One of my favourite things about working at a 3D printing company is doing demo projects on new machines.

Most of the 3D printers that Objex Unlimited sells are industrial units, but recently we started selling consumer-level Afinia devices to the education market.

I was tasked with making some cool stuff to show off the Afinia H800, so here is this week’s project: Reaper’s mask from Overwatch.

The finished mask

The model was designed by Ricardo Salomao (@salomaoric), who uploaded it to his MyMiniFactory page.

The 3D model was already split into multiple files, so I arranged the parts across on a few trays and printed at a medium resolution in ABS plastic.

My first pass at sanding, priming, and painting wasn’t quite smooth enough so I broke out the Bondo and did many more coats of paint.

The finished mask was given to a friend of mine, who will be turning it into a full cosplay outfit!

When that’s ready we’ll have more photos, but for now please check out the printing and finishing work that went into the mask:

The Full Process