Warren Buffett’s 10 Ways to Get Rich http://www.techknowng.com/2017/07/warren-buffetts-10-ways-to-get-rich.htmlhttp://www.techknowng.com/2017/07/warren-buffetts-10-ways-to-get-rich.html

How To Root Your Android Device

For those who are new to the subject, rooting Android, or doing so-called root, is essentially getting high permissions. With root access, you are able to access and modify files that would normally be inaccessible, such as those stored in the /data and /system directories.

Finally, it is possible to stay forever writing about the virtues of root access, so let’s show you how to carry out the process:-


Facebook successfully lands its Aquila drone for the first time http://www.techknowng.com/2017/06/facebook-successfully-lands-its-aquila.html


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