Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Dear Susan, don’t blame it on FB — i see you have twitter do you ever look at different hashtags on Twitter? shows how a vast population thinks. don’t blame Mark, his business is to make you feel like you are the same as others, blend in, be ‘friends’. In this world where everyone gets a trophy for participation this is what you get. Homogeneous sheeple. Wakey wakey, there are a ton of people who think as individuals have MBA’s and voted to drain the swamp. Did you bother to watch HILLARY’S AMERICA: by DSouza? Did you watch Clinton Cash on youtube — it’s free ya know! Did you bother to think that what Trump was saying could be thought of as real? Did you hold your nose and watch Fox TV instead of MSNBC, I do. In fact i started listening to Russ Limbaugh to see how the other side thinks. and guess what i joined the other side after doing a lot of research and finding out hey, that’s how i think!

When you decide to see what the voters who won this election — as Obama said, Elections has consequences, instead of encouraging all the snowflakes to mourn the loss, it might be nice to see the sunshine instead of burying your head in the sand.

Stop blaming others. Everything in your life is completely your responsibility. There is no one to blame except yourself. imho.

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