Tips for the right project planning

Good management is essential for projects where large “Change” has to be made. Such projects signify a break in business processes and corporate culture. Not an easy job for executives who have to inspire their employees. Here are some tips by Kindle technical support on how to avoid errors and achieve the project goals.

Error 1: Resistance against change projects is underestimated

“We only organize our customer support” or “We only introduce a new IT system, otherwise everything will be the same.” Such statements are often heard by managers when, for example, they plan to reorganize parts of a company or introduce new technologies.

This means that you are not sufficiently aware that the structure of a company also reflects its culture; As well as the fact that when new techniques and procedures are introduced, employees’ working conditions and relationships usually change. At least the work processes change.

Tip on how to avoid this error:

Before the start of change projects, carefully analyze the impact of these on the employee’s working conditions and relationships; As well as the extent to which the planned changes require a change in attitude and behavior.

Error 2: Changes and their goals are not sufficiently communicated

“We have to be more customer-oriented”, “work more efficiently”, “react more quickly to market changes because competition has become harder”, “customer requirements have changed”. This justification is not particularly convincing and motivating from the perspective of employees — especially if the same arguments were used to legitimize earlier projects. As a result, the organization does not generate the necessary energy for the achievement of the project objectives. And: the employees are not, or only conditionally, ready for a change in attitude and / or behavior.

Tips on how to avoid this error:

• Explain the necessity of the change as graphically and concretely as possible, for example by describing very clearly how the triumph of the Internet has changed the information, communication and purchasing decision-making behavior of your customers.

• In this case, you also have concrete examples, which are familiar to the clerks and customer service representatives from their workplace.

Error 3: Employees are given a bad feeling

Especially when a company is subject to a high pressure of change, it is often the impression among the employees that change communication means that “From the point of view of company management, everything has been bad so far.” And also, that everything should be thrown over the heap. This creates the feeling in the workforce: “Our performance so far is not (yet) appreciated.” The reaction is often that employees then develop the feeling that it will no longer be the company they know and appreciate. This creates an emotional distance from the employer and the identification with him and his goals disappears. Their willingness to commit to the achievement of project objectives is correspondingly low.

Tips on how to avoid this error:

In the case of change communication, also highlight the positive aspects of the current culture: “We can already do this and we should at all events preserve it.”

Report by Kindle customer support