The service enables users to buy airtime top-up, data bundle, electricity, cable TV, and more with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

People living in ten African countries, including Nigeria can now buy airtime, internet data, electricity, tv subscription, airline tickets, book hotels, food, and event tickets using their bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, thanks to a new service called Quick by Paychant.

Founded in 2019, Paychant is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that aims to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency payment in Africa by building a platform that lets buyers use their favourite cryptocurrency to pay sellers or merchants.

According to the company, digital currencies should be spendable without exchanging it for fiat, and users holding these crypto-assets should have the option…


Olaoluwa Awojoodu, Chief Executive Officer of E-Settlement Limited

E-Settlement Limited, a leading Fintech group in Nigeria, has boosted consumer confidence and reaffirmed its commitment to safeguarding its consumer data against privacy breaches and cybercrime by ensuring that all public access to sensitive data is blocked, double authentication systems put up and upgrade to a more secure server.

In an increasingly digital economy where technology is being used to solve the needs of even the non-digital savvy people as E-SL does, it is imperative that organizations protect consumer data and avoid instances of misuse, as well as and educate them on best practices. …


Fouani Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary company of Fouani Group was established in Nigeria 20 years ago with the aim of serving the Nigerian market with the latest, the best, and modern technologically driven electronics.

The partnership with global Electronics giant LG, has made the company a household name as they offered the best of LG products at unbeatable prices in the country.

The partnership played a key role in the evolution and growth of Fouani Nigeria, as it is being recognized as one of the biggest Electronics stores in Nigeria.

According to Mr. Dong Youn Kim, Managing Director, LG Electronics…


9mobile just revamped its MiFi and Router offers!

Known for its consistency in empowering customers with innovative solutions and packages, individuals and businesses especially those who are internet-dependent can now do more with affordable, bumper-size and superfast data with convenience.

9mobile’s Chief Commercial Officer, Stjepan Udovicic, emphasized that the revamp is its commitment to boosting individuals and businesses with superfast data.

“We are committed to the superior customer experience of our customers at 9mobile, especially as COVID-19 has altered the world of work. More people are working remotely nowadays; they will need affordable and superfast data to execute their tasks…


There aren’t many silver linings to be found in the predicament the world is in but one thing is certain: the creative technology solutions we’ve developed to fight the pandemic will benefit us forever. There have been a paradigm shift from how people think about hygiene and are now more conscious about their health and wellness.

At the forefront of innovation for the new normal is LG Electronics. …


LG CTO Discusses Company’s Open Innovation Strategy and the Importance of Working Together Towards a United Goal to Make Life Good for All

Dr. I.P. Park, president and CTO of LG Electronics (LG), took to the virtual stage at the all-digital CES® 2021 to share the company’s inspiring vision for open innovation in the era of social distancing. As the host of LG Future Talk, Dr. Park explained and demonstrated how open innovation has been the underlying principle of the company’s latest technological breakthroughs.

In a year of unprecedented change, LG’s unwavering commitment to making life better has remained firm, as has its ability to meet the changing needs of consumers worldwide. To illustrate this point, Dr. Park highlighted groundbreaking products such as…


Study reveals that local businesses can enjoy return on investment of more than 100% while using solar photovoltaic technology.

It is well established that lack of both electric supply capacity and reliability weaken the Nigerian economy. A new study finds that solar energy can radically increase profits for Nigerian businesses while solving this problem.

The study found most sectors in Nigeria could enjoy a return on investment of more than 100% by investing in solar photovoltaic technology. The study was written by Dr. Adewale Adesanya and Electrical Engineering professor Joshua Pearce at Michigan Tech.

Recently, the staggering reduction in solar photovoltaic costs along with the technical potential to couple solar to hybrid battery and diesel generators provides Nigerian businesses…

If you’re in the digital marketing and PR industry, you would agree that managing digital campaigns across multiple platforms, bloggers, social media influencers, and news websites can be a big challenge.

Most of the time, digital marketers would need to combine several digital PR/marketing tools to run one campaign. Then there’s the problem of easily finding the best influencers, creators and publishers to collaborate with for campaigns.

That’s why BlackHouse Media (BHM), one of the leading PR companies in Africa launched Plaqad, back in 2017, to connect brands and individuals to bloggers, news websites, publishers and social influencers. …


If you are a business with a focus on efficient and cost-effective solutions for telecommunications then take a look at VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems.

Many of these cloud phone systems offer integrations with popular CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management) such as Salesforce, Zendesk & HubSpot.

In some cases VoIP providers will even offer their own CRM solutions, free of charge. CRM platforms are a vital tool for businesses to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers, with integrations allowing third parties such as cloud VoIP providers to connect your CRM account with your business phone system…


The company has began offering free laundry services to residents of Benin City, Nigeria.

LG Electronics, one of the global leaders in consumer electronics, has opened its fourth free laundry centre in Nigeria, with capacity to wash and dry about 500 set of clothes, as part of its effort to give back to the community with a state of art hygienic free laundry centre.

The free laundry facility, which is situated at the heart of Benin City at 6, Country Home Motel Road, Off Sapele road, Benin business district, is a follow up to similar wash centre established by the company in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Kano initiated under its corporate social responsibility (CSR). …


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