Clipboard Managers

Clipboard Managers, have you heard of them ? Are you using them ?

Majority of the people I observe do not have one on their laptops / devices.

So what is a clipboard ?

The clipboard is a software facility used for short-term data storage and/or data transfer between documents or applications, via copy and paste operations.

So why do you need a clipboard manager?

  • It boosts productivity by miles, believe me it truly does.
  • Makes browsing web and saving stuff easier, especially for college students with lots of assignments and projects.
  • Looks cool to use one. :P

Generally, when you copy and paste stuff, the item which you copied is in memory and the previous item which was earlier copied gets replaced. Thus, you can copy paste only the item which you last copied.

Now, when you are using a clipboard manager. You are given access to all of the items which you have previously copied.

This comes in handy, a lot. Consider you are surfing the net to collect some information for you project work. Normally, as you browse you can bookmark pages but you have to search the whole page again. For having specific info, you can copy paste each time, one after another into say a Microsoft Word document for example. This is a lot of work.

While using a clipboard manager, you can copy required contents on the fly and paste all the stuff in a bunch later.

This is only one use case. There are many possible ways to use them. And, they work not only with text but with anything which can be “copy-pasted”.

For Mac Users, the clipboard manager I’d recommend and personally use is Paste for Mac (Paid — $9.99, Trial Available). Or you can use the clipboard manager from the famous app , Alfred for Mac.

Paste for Mac

For Windows Users, Ditto. For Linux Users, CopyQ. I’ve never personally used these, but a friend of mine suggested me these.

On Mac, Paste app is a must have. I have been using this app since few months and I love it. It’s totally worth the $9.99.