First Steps

Hi, there!

Let’s decide what this blog is going to be about.

I can start off giving you peeps some cool basics of tools and tips I know. There’ll also be some “my thoughts on” kinda posts.

I can tell you guys this, that this blog will be mostly related to software. Yeah, it’s been exploited a lot, but a place where you find all of the cool and handy things — nah, not so many. Right now, I am a single (solo and single :P) guy, blogging for you people. If there’s help and if there are people following and enjoying my work, I would be happy to extend to other topics.

This blog is outta ma leisure time. So, I’ll try to get at least one post per day or two. But I guarantee that you guys will have a great time.

I have seen many blogs, pages, and youtube channels; but nowhere I found a website where I have access to all the cool stuff in tech (for free) and all at one place. I was like “Why not make one?”.

And here I am.

Thanks for reading this post. These are the initial days of this blog. The more views I’d be getting on the posts I make, the more encouraged I’d be to put out some quality stuff for you guys.


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