FREE Vps(Virtual Private Server) And Dedicated Servers

Wanna start a online business don’t have servers and also money well here’s the solution well i found today a some website’s you can find free vps and dedicated servers for you Business.

All the sites shown here are post2host site which provides free services to there customers.

What is post2host? — post2host site are the sites where you to post some thread or high quality posts on their forum around 5–10 and get free vps,game servers.And many more services.

  1. Townzhost- It is the most legit and free.This site is highly recommended by me becuase i have tried it personally and they do provide free service to all their customers.And the Amazing thing about them is their staff response and they are just two months old
  2. freevps- The are also Post2Host Free VPS provider with more than +11000 members and 147,000 post! they have really nice, high specifications but at high monthly requirements, i didn’t try them myself. The bad thing about them is Giveaway is only once per month, so you can’t request in another day.And they don’t offer it to countries who had trade sanction with USA.
  3. Subnetweb — Another VPS provider, which offers High Specifications at (20 posts/month) their specifications are very nice with stable low ping network located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.But SubnetWeb was down for a while and didn’t give the people their VPS or data back without warning, so not many people trust them now.

I personally recommend you becuase they are the most legit vps provider

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