Why I support LGBT rights over other social issues.

A very dear friend recently asked me this question, quite unexpectedly I might add “Why support LGBT rights out of the plethora of other world issues that are out there?”. She simply meant to ask what drives me to pick out and support LGBT rights over other issues.

I did not give it much thought at the time and blurted out a simple one line answer “Because life and people are unfair to them and everyone deserves to love who they like”

That was the end of the topic and we quickly moved on to talk about something else.

Later that night, I came home and thought about the question a little more. It was then I realized that my answer had been very vague and utterly disappointing, even by my own standards. I thought about it a little more and had a much more ‘complete’ answer to her question.

So here it is, my dear friend, the answer to your simple yet powerful question:

-Why do I support LGBT rights so strongly over other social issues?

I support LGBT rights because if you start peeling away all the debate about LGBT rights (from both sides of the argument), then you will find that at the very core of this problem, there is quite simply- an emotion. This emotion is called love. It is one of the most basic and beautiful feelings in the universe. It transcends religion, caste, color,money (and even time- according to an interesting theory from the movie Interstellar). It happens to be one of the most fundamental things every human being born on this planet has the right to experience. There is nothing materialistic about love, nor is there any limit to how much someone can love someone else. It is intangible and free.

When countries around the world boast about being free nations where discrimination based on religion, caste, color , gender is unlawful then why must they oppose one of the most beautiful feelings a human can have towards another human? I feel that no one should have the right to stop someone from loving another human being or for identifying as a gender that they are comfortable with. Let them be who they want to be. Countries and religions across the world preach love and equality but tend to leave out or grey out the topic of same gender love. This I feel is both extremely unfair and potentially harmful for future generations who will also then grow up to not only avoid talking about these basic human rights but may even (in extreme cases) despise the LGBT community. And I as a free-thinking human being abhor that.

Love is beautiful and every human should be given the freedom to choose who he/she can love without being ridiculed, asked to ‘change’, mocked in public and being told ‘you will go to hell for this’.

Love and let Love.

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