Token Transit finds the origin stop for rides taken through our system

If there is one thing that you should know about Token Transit, it is this — we are public transit fanatics.

There is a second thing: we love data. We are not alone — all our 46 partner agencies agree that mobile phones can help us learn about our ridership. That’s why Token Transit gives our partners the information they need, while respecting the riders’ privacy.

This month, we are making it easy to know where rides are coming from.

We are making the origin stop of all Token Transit rides viewable through the Token Transit agency web portal.

The Ridership Origin map in the portal shows a map of all agency stops, along…

Stripe, our payment processor, has an article about our use of their platform to help transit agencies all over the country. Working with Stripe is fantastic, and we are proud to share what we have learned from this experience.

Read all about it here:

Advertisement for Token Transit on the side of an RTC Washoe bus in Reno, Nevada

What is the story behind your name and/or logo?

When people boarded buses and streetcars in the 1900s, they payed with these beautiful, intricately designed metal tokens. Tokens were still in use in NYC, Philadelphia and Boston, up until about a decade ago. As kids, we would always associate them with public transit.

We founded our company, Token Transit, with the goal of giving transit riders a better, and more convenient way to pay. With our name and logo, we wanted to hark back to those transit tokens, and the obsession they represented. …

Ekate Kuznetsova

Infrastructure is beautiful.

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