How to cancel a subscription of Avast Auto-renewal bills.

Nov 26, 2019 · 2 min read

How to motivate your Avast subscription: Avast Antivirus is something that requires a leading role in providing fantastic protection against viruses and another malware attack on your computer. But there may be scenarios in which you want to cancel your Avast subscription and then choose another antivirus solution.

The activities listed here should help you at work You will find some of the best options that you can use to cancel your Avast auto subscription, as well as choose to uninstall the software from your system.

Limit the automatic renewal of your accounts.

You can cancel your Avast Auto-renewal by logging into your Avast Account. The actions involved are quite simple and simple.

  • Go to Avast and log in to your accounts.
  • Visit the Licenses section and click the subscription permission.
  • Make sure you are logged in to the email address that your permission was issued to.
  • Find selection Cancel automatic extension and select to apply.
  • You must confirm your choice.
  • Click the alternative Deactivate automatic subscription renewal option in the confirmation dialog box.

You need to find email verification almost immediately.

The process will run on Digital River Avast

You can choose to do so if you purchased an Avast subscription through Digital River.

  • Visit the Digital River website at this address.
  • Verify by clicking Find Order.
  • Click Manage subscription.
  • Find a selection of automatic renewals.
  • Set it in the ON position to OFF.
  • Verify by clicking Turn off automatic renewal.
  • Your automatic renewal will be canceled and you will find confirmation of this effect.

How to use Avast’s refund request

Avast customer service billing accounts are used to book permits related to permits. You can request a refund from avast customer service for the first 30 days if your license has been renewed, or 60 days if you are a new user to buy an avast license. Limit your subscription by calling Avast Service.

You can also cancel your Avast Auto-renewal by calling your Avast customer service number. You can contact the service by email.

Remember to send the cancellation email from the same email address that you registered together and you have accounts on the Avast website. You must wait for customer service to respond to your inquiry.

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