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Over the past few years, Internet technology has greatly immersed its roots and is now widely spread everywhere. Hosting companies have taken benefit of this and have created a web server platform using great technical skills.

Understanding the Web Hosting

Web hosting service allows any user or organization to build up their website and make it accessible through the World Wide Web. Your website can be available to be viewed on the internet by billions of users. Web Hosts allow you to get space on the server through which other computers throughout the world can access your website either by mode of modem or network. It is just like renting or buying space to build up your house. A web host will provide your website accommodation and exhibit your site to those who tend to visit it on the particular web address.

Web hosting services are one of the complementary and popular services needed these days for any type of business.

Why we need a Host?

It is difficult for a person to host their website without hosting services. You need to have great knowledge about it. Secondly, there is a list of procedures to be followed. It also requires your static IP address, power backups and regular hardware maintenance, which is not possible for an ordinary person. Even the tech-savvy person prefers to go for Web Hosting services rather than D-I-Y

Hosting requires a good amount of knowledge about technical terms and hardware. It is costly and complicated to maintain these things. Since many of us are new to web hosting services that lack a lot of knowledge regarding maintaining a server, handling different queries, etc. It has become a need for a business to get a good Web Hosting Services.

Although, there are various services available online that can be suited as per your requirements and budget. However, nowadays there is, A2 hosting services have been in great demand.

Know more about A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has gained its reputation as “high powered hosting” because of its reliability and speed. Beyond it, they have VPS hosting, managed VPS, Cloud VPS, and different hosting services. They have continued to provide better services like Managed VPS, Unmanaged VPS, SSD Hosting, Wordpress hosting, Managed Wordpress Hosting and many more. They are leaders in the field of hosting and leaving behind many. The company was started in 2003 and is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, owned by Bryan Muthig.

How is A2 Hosting Different from other competitors

➢ The motto of A2 Hosts is “our speed, your success” and they are definitely on to it. As per the testimonials and reviews, the customers highly appreciate its service and recommend ahead to others.

➢ It comes with powered packages that give you the ability of free account migration for your present websites. In addition, its technology is based on 20x faster turbo server that makes it stand out from the crowd. They meet their commitment to 99.9 % uptime. Also, you would be surprised by their affordable price tag for with amazing features.

➢ They have the cheapest web-hosting plan starting from $3.92 per month. They offer SSD, unlimited data storage and transfer, free site migration and many more.

➢ They provide Quality Green Web Hosting it means their data center has Icelandic properties that do not leave any carbon footprint that can cause damage to nature. So they are friendly to nature. These are some extraordinary miscellaneous feature of A2 Hosting.

➢ Also, if there is some nonprofit business, they would receive an exclusive discount for their package. There is an extra feature of Automatic Solution that provides you need for marketing campaigns. With this, you can improve your SEO rankings and conversion rate, as they will host your site on high-performance Swift Server Platform.

➢ GLPI Hosting Rich can be chosen for high performance boosting that is only provided by A2. Your site will be hosted on SwiftSever platform including best versions of PHP and MySQL.

Benefits of A2 Hosting Sites

Flexible plans -You can choose plans as per month, annually, biennially and triennially.

Supportive customer care team -24 X 7 Customer friendly support with a team of experts.

Load faster -Swift Server for loading pages faster comparing to others.

Money back guaranteed -You can claim for anytime money back guarantee.

Reliable -It provides 99.99% uptime commitment, so you can rely on it.

Compatible -Compatible for Linux and windows both.

Supportive -Supports Night backups, network monitoring 24X7, traffic and many more.

Hosts well -Offers best hardware and software for web hosting.

Quick to resolve issues — Have a strong network experience and are ready to take essential steps before any problem occurs.

Affordable –They charge quite reasonable and pocket-friendly price as per the service you choose.

• A team of expert professionals -High quality trained staff with knowledge of bandwidth, equipment. A2 hosting site has a highly technical staff that ensures you for safety and security. No one can access the server other than staff.

No stiff and time-based plans -No contracts, you can simply change the decision for web hosting whenever you wish to. There are flexible plans for one month too.

Technically Advance -Each project is integrated with efficient and effective technologies.

Help you boost well -Smoothly engineered and managed process that helps you achieve your target precisely.

Cons –

There are some imperfections in all systems. However, the cons of A2 Hosting sites are comparatively less.

● It has two-target center one in Europe and other in North America, if you are the audience from beyond these place then choose a different service provider.

● In addition, it does not have a wide range of hosting plans for Windows but for Linux, it has a good variety of options. HTMLDoc, PDFLib, MS SQL, Plexum, Mod_Perl are not supported by it.

How good is A2 hosting site for you?

Read about these quick features, Platforms and scripted languages etc. that A2 hosting sites support and then, decide well.

1. Features of A2 Hosting Sites

• Wordpress

• Uptime Guarantee



• Money Back Guarantee

• Linux

• Backups

• C Panel

2. Technically Top Features

• Unlimited Bandwidth

• Unlimited Disk space

• Wordpress Hosting

• Unlimited sites

3. Platforms A2 hosting sites support

• Linux

• Windows

4. Scripts and Languages Supported by A2 Hosting sites

• Django

• Java

• Perl

• Python

• Ruby on rails


• PHPMyAdmin


5. Customer Support

• Phone

• Live Chat

• Tickets

6. Control Panel Includes

• C Panel


If you are in a small business and want to make your presence noticeable on the web, you can choose A2 hosting with its features like:

• SSD Drive to enhance speed and performance

• Cloud hosting increases reliability

• CloudFlare CDN improves sites loading time

• Multiple backups

• 99.99% uptime

• Various range of SSL Certificate that is essential to keep your site safe and secure

• With its Turbo Booster technology making site load 20 times faster for faster-hosting experience

• Expertise team always ready to help you at 24X7, 365 Days.

• Unlimited Storage and Data transfer options.

• 30 Days money back guarantee

• Choice of data center location.

Although there are many internet-hosting companies who are holding some of these features, A2 has been getting ahead of race as usual due to -

Solid States Drive (SSD) -A2 hosting almost all packages include Solid-state drives. As SSDs work better and faster compared to the traditional hard disk drivers.

✓ The technology of SSD is it store information either to read or write in microchips, which makes processing faster and reduced load time of the site. While traditional Hard Disk drives use to process information from one location to another which makes it slow compared to SSD.

Cloud Hosting Solution -We always face a problem of security and lack of control over data with web hosting company. A2 hosting comes with Cloud Hosting that gives extra wings of advanced technology to your hosting. Cloud hosting technology is a special type of hosting service that gives freedom to a customer for solving issues easily.

✓ Due to its upgraded technology, the clients never worry about the site going unresponsive.

RAID 10 Storage -Redundant Array of Independent Disks 10 is a method that is used for storing information on different hard disks for improved performance and greater protection. If one hard drive fails, there would be no data loss.

✓ The data lost that is in corrupted drive automatically stores into other drives for safety purpose, the corrupted drive will be replaced later. This is one of the prominent features for a customer that really makes A2 reliable.

Modern Developer Tools -The tools are updated and there is always newer version available if any. If you do not want to manage but looking for the latest upgraded features, choose a plan where A2 hosting handles everything.

Strong Infrastructure and Backups -With a regular backup service, you will not be depressed for losing data. With the quadruple redundant network, you will never go down and remain connected always. If you are having an e-commerce business, you can easily open your web-store. You do not need to modify or design web pages for a web store. They provide you with applications like PrestaShop and Magneto that is easy to install. It is complimentary service of A2 hosting provided for e-commerce customers with their plans opted.

Types of Web Hosting

Choosing the right type of web hosting for your webpage is a vital part. The difference lies in storage capacity, control, technical knowledge required, reliability and server speed are some of the options.

Shared Hosting — It goes perfectly well with entry-level hosting. Your website would be stored on the server where other multiple websites are stored. Domains share common server resources like RAM and CPU. The cost is lower compared to another one. If you are a blogger or community group, then this type of service is best for you. It gives you an option of 24X7 monitoring, 10GB redundant network, SSD option, full network coverage, U.S or European country server option and many more.

VPS Hosting -This is essential for medium or large size business websites. It is a copy of a dedicated server. It is usually for the owners who require more control and do not want to opt for a dedicated server. However, these types of a server cannot handle high traffic and site performance can be affected on a server. It is useful for those users who do not have technical knowledge but want to use dedicated hosting services. This is the best option for those users who wish to specific software and package installations.

Dedicated Server Hosting -In this type of hosting, the server is particularly rented to you and your website. Your website is the only one, which is stored on the server where you have access to control from securing the website until the operating of the system. However, its price tag is litter higher comparing to the other two. It is liable for servers with high traffic and needs high control levels for proprietor hosting.

Cloud Hosting -It is hosting where computers are working together and the applications running with different computing resources. It is hosting solution that works based on network and enables companies to preoccupy the resources. The benefit of this hosting is it is scalable; you can increase the website whenever you want and use resources that you require.

Managed Hosting -Mostly hosting that you find online are found to be managed hosting. There are technical services provided like hardware and software setup including configuration, technical support, updating and monitoring, maintenance and many more. Wordpress is a popular subcategory of managed hosting.

Co-location — You can choose to “co-locate” your server by renting space at co-location center. The center will offer you essentials like bandwidth, IP address, cooling system and power that is a necessity of server. Co-location offers you a high level of bandwidth compared to normal office server at a lower cost.

Summing Up –

With so many diverse plans to choose from as per your purpose, you can enjoy your own sites with A2H services. It is optimized for the usage with Wordpress. You get many benefits and features with high quality and uptime hosting with genuine services. Without any doubt, A2H can surely help you get the desired results.