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I tried out UnityAds a year ago and stopped using it after reaching the minimum $100 payout threshold because I didn’t feel like filling out the invoice, and there were rejection problems on iOS due to ads that displayed Google Play badges.

But now with Apple putting iAd out to pasture, and with AdMob paying a third of what it used to, I’m switching to UnityAds again. Not much has changed — I still have to fill out the sample Excel invoice and then convert it to PDF to email to them, and the documentation that was out of date back then (still included pre-Unity-acquisition Applifier non-Unity setup instructions) is still out of date and even more confusing, because iAd is conveniently built-in to Unity, now, and you don’t need a script to initialize UnityAds, but that’s hardly spelled out, anywhere.

Once it’s set up, all you need now, minimally, is a call to display an ad. Here, for example, is a script I use to display an ad after the game launches (ignore the class name; it doesn’t really “loop”):

public class UnityAdLoop : MonoBehaviour {

void Start() {

// Use this for initialization
IEnumerator ShowAd () {
while (!Advertisement.IsReady()) {
yield return null;


Getting UnityAds set up, however, was a bit of a chore. In the Services panel (made visible through the Services item in the Unity Windows menu), you can enable UnityAds and click on the UnityAds section or on the hamburger menu to see the Settings, which is where you can set the iOS and Android IDs if you don’t want to use the autogenerated ones.

I’m not sure you can use the prefilled IDs, I just noticed they’re there and clicking on the go-to-dashboard button brings me to the “new” dashboard while my previous IDs are still in the “old” dashboard.

In any case, there’s some trickery involved in actually editing the ID fields, at least on OSX — I’ve found to delete an ID, I can’t click-select-delete, I need to click on it so it’s not selected, then delete-key digit by digit. And once the field is empty, I can’t type in it, but I can paste an ID.

Also, a minor bug, sometimes when I click on the Inspector tab the Services window is still visible and I have to click on the Services tab and then the Inspector tab again.

All this makes me sad that iAd is going away, but the ad portion of UnityAds does look good, and if that first $100 comes in and future revenue starts showing up (they document there can be a one-week delay for monetization results to show up in the dashboard), then I think I’ll stick with it.

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