Chart Blue

One of my New Year’s resolutions should have been to start reading the investor reports in my retirement account (the fact that I have a retirement account is enough for me to declare victory on my indie career, although if I had to retire now, it would be a short retirement!). But since I opted for electronic delivery (couldn’t they just say email?), there’s no excuse not to, so I just took a pass through my inbox.

Most of the reports, particularly for the index funds, are just text (but sometimes interesting text like “we use NLP to scan company materials for their involvement in blockchain technologies”). The creative stuff comes from real companies. Sometimes badly, e.g. the CVS report displays a semi-readable brochure in Flash. Flash? Now I regret that investment.

JetBlue has a nice looking report, though, in PDF without a lot of graphics, but nothing garish, most in blue (get it?)

Some of it’s just your standard powerpoint blocks.

Others are a bit fancier and actually informative, although not very efficient with space (good thing I opted for electronic delivery!)

A good old-fashioned bar chart is reliably informative.

I wonder if they just accidentally reversed the legends here or hoped no one would notice.

But really, I’m still not paying attention to the numbers. I just like the airplanes.