What’s Your Nationality?

I met a couple of women at a wine gathering, recently (which for me is a store that happends to be handing out glasses of wine, like Albertson’s), and one of them asked me “What’s your nationality?”

That’s nothing new – I’ve been hearing that, and it’s siblings “Where are you from?” and “What’s your background?” in my entire life-as-a-native-born-American-citizen. And perhaps I’ve developed a facial tic whenever I hear that, because the second woman interjected “He’s as American as apple pie!”

I love that, not just because I love America and apple pie (more or less in that order), but I’ve never actually heard anyone say that to me. It also negated my reflexive impulse to ask back “What’s YOUR nationality?”

So next time you’re about to ask that question, think about how you would answer it.

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