You Too Can Make Your Site Look Like a Tabloid

If you follow me on twitter, you might notice I’ve cut down on tweeting web sites. That’s because I find web ads increasingly annoying, even on web sites that I normally like to read and would normally like to share.

Some of it’s old ad tech (this is one area where new tech has not replaced old tech, it’s just added to it). Banner ads are still prevalent, in some cases getting bigger, and popups have not gone away. I don’t read Wired, anymore, because of that popup video ad.

I don’t mind side ads so much, as they don’t get in the way of reading the content, but if they take over 25% of the page width, I start to feel the squeeze. Technology Review is cutting it close:

But they cross the line when the ads start burrowing into the content (keep your content convex, I say)

But the ads I hate the most, now, are these “more on the web” ads:

You to0, can make your web site look like the New York Post (or the Huffington Post, which seems to have gone all in with this style). And in the process, along with the Oscars, promote the vision of an all-white society!