Australian Horticulture Research Through LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions for Agriculture

A well-known company from Sweden — Heliospectra recently announced one news that they received from Australian manufacturer and Researcher of controlled devices. They supply services and products to international Pharma industries. Heliospectra launched one product named — ELIXIA LED for horticulture. This LED lighting solutions help to cannabis grow-rooms. The Australia firm installed this LED grow light product into grow rooms to research on cannabis growth. After that many other organic cultivation companies in Australia installed this LED grow light in their farm and invested around USD 78,000. They said the cultivation results are amazing. This product works so much effective on plants.

It is used to control a plant’s growth environment as the third party. Using this LED lamp researchers can control all aspects of a plant’s growth such as nutrients, water, humidity, airflow, carbon dioxide, temperature, and light output. Researchers perform studies on all the characteristics that lead to cannabis growth. Their main goal to invest in this type of LED lighting is to achieve great harvest per square meter. As a result, it must be more cost effective and economical cannabinoid-based farming.

Innovation in Lighting Technology

Elixia is designed as most advanced LED grow light for commercial plant cultivation. It becomes an essential tool for commercial growers to supply healthy and high-quality plants to end consumers. Plants growers adapt commercial lighting according to the need of plants and the products forecast will change drastically. Elixia is the most suitable solution for greenhouse top lighting and indoor application for a solo person.

Elixia Device

If you see it’s optical specification, Elixia has two optics — primary and secondary. Both the optic lens plates used to achieve maximum light intensity and spectral distribution across growing areas. For smaller target areas, Elixia fits to close canopy mounting heights and it is specially designed for indoor plantation. To target wider areas, it accommodates to high mounting installation like greenhouses.

Elixia LED Lighting Technology Specification

As Elixia is an innovation in lighting technology, let’s check it’s configuration:

  • Power consumption: 525 W or 630 W
  • Photon flux: 862 to 1011 µmol/s
  • Spectrum: Photon flux value varies based on “C” or “G” plate types
  • Connection: Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Control Interface: Initially, th0065 web browser for light management
  • Warranty period: 3 years

Two Spectrum Options

G Plate: Wavelengths: 450nm, 660nm & 5700K White

G Plate

C Plate: Wavelengths: 450nm, 660nm, 735nm & 5700K White

C Plate

Elixia — Part of Controlled Growth Environment

In horticulture of cannabis, the utmost important thing is facility scale set for highest quality crop production and the ability to control all types of compounds. It has the ability to influence terpenes (essential oils) and control THC and CBD levels in plants. THC and CBD have naturally occurred constituents in Cannabinoid plant. Using controllable Elixia light, researchers and commercial growers flexibly reach their production objective faster than before.

Elixia is a remarkable innovation in lighting technology field. This LED lighting gives clear business profits to cultivation researchers and production groups throughout the globe. The complete, adjustable and customised LED lighting solutions for the cultivation sector. Its light control programming is good in empowering cultivators to enhance the nature of plants, increase organic production, quickest harvest till now and rapid production cycle. It is the best investment to get steady and standardize returns.

Commercial lighting provider — Technilux Lighting Technology company shared this post to aware greenhouse production groups in Australia to get the highest benefits from cultivation.