Savvy announces its Private Beta launch, empowering people to learn from each other using live, one-to-one video.

The San Francisco, California based company recently closed an oversubscribed $1.7M seed round. Savvy is now in Private Beta accepting early teacher sign-ups.

Thomas Arend
Sep 24, 2015 · 4 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 25 — Wisdom Collective Inc., creators of Savvy — the global platform for one-on-one live video learning — today announced the launch of their Private Beta.

Savvy empowers people to teach and learn from each other, using live, one-to-one video chat. Savvy makes it easier than ever for teachers to coach others online. The Savvy Private Beta lets teachers create a free web page that they can use as their online storefront. It can be created in a few minutes and includes:

  • A scheduling system that lets teachers mark their availability right in Google calendar and accept bookings from learners.
  • Payment processing, so teachers can set their own price and be paid automatically by domestic and international learners.
  • Video chat for every booked session, that is high quality and as easy to join as clicking a link.

“By connecting teachers and learners over video, Savvy lets teachers greatly expand their business. Similarly, learners now have access to teachers around the world, and can gain or improve skills from the convenience and privacy of their home,” said Thomas Arend, Savvy CEO.

Savvy is accepting sign-ups from teachers who want to use the private beta product. “I’m so excited about this new online coaching platform! With Savvy students can book lessons from ANYWHERE in the world, and it’s all automated,” said Molly Mahoney, Savvy teacher.

Teachers interested in early access to the Savvy Private Beta may register here:

Savvy’s vision is to enable more people to teach and learn from each other. “A lot of people have knowledge or know-how that they could share, and that people would pay to learn,” said Hamish Chandra, Co-Founder and Head of Product. “Savvy makes it possible and easy for more people to teach what they know to others. We want to create more teachers in the world.”

The company also announced the close of an over-subscribed seed round of $1.7M, with funding from international VC firms — including Partech Ventures, LearnCapital, Fresco Capital, and Metatron Worldwide — and angel investors.

The demand for education continues to increase dramatically around the world, and the online education market is predicted to grow to $345B by 2019. However, most of that investment is in content- or class-based learning, which are not very effective (online course completion rates, for example, are at 6.8%). Often, the best way to learn anything is to learn it from someone else, one on one. By enabling more one to one learning online, Savvy is giving more people access to the most effective way to learn anything.

Savvy was started in 2014 in San Francisco by two industry veterans who have a passion for creating delightful products that have dramatic positive impact on people:

Thomas Arend, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO. Grew Airbnb’s marketplace in 192 countries. Launched and grew web and mobile products to hundreds of millions of users worldwide at Google and Twitter. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence.

Hamish Chandra, Co-Founder and Head of Product. Led Hattery Labs to design and launch multiple successful startups (e.g. CloudPhysics, Invitae, Brightfunds, vessel io). Product strategy & design at Puddle. As a marketer, dramatically grew brands like Atkins, SciFi, got milk?, Comcast, Call of Duty.

Since launching with $1.7M Seed funding from international VCs and Angels in June, Savvy’s growing team has worked to build an Alpha version of the platform and now launches the Private Beta today.

Savvy (Twitter: @Savvy_HQ) is evolving the way the world learns by giving people access to the most effective way to learn anything: one-to-one. Savvy is a global platform that makes anyone with expertise bookable to people who want to learn from them. Learners and teachers can connect anywhere using simple scheduling, high quality person-to-person video sessions, and streamlined payment. Started by tech veterans Thomas Arend (former Product Lead at Google, Twitter, Airbnb) and Hamish Chandra (product, design and marketing strategist at Hattery Labs, Puddle and Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners) in 2014, Savvy is headquartered in San Francisco, California and backed by international VCs and Angel investors.

For all press inquiries contact or call (415) 504–1236.

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