Facts about awesome app designs to gain more downloads

Whether you are making an app for the iOS platform or the Android platform, you need to make sure that its design is user friendly, attractive and functional at the same time. The response that your app users are likely going to have will depend directly on its design. Plenty of app design projects have failed to produce the desired results due to faulty designs. Moreover, there are hundreds of other apps in the app store that you need to compete with. Statistics have revealed that most users decide whether they love or hate an app within the first few seconds of interacting with it. Therefore you need to make sure that your app’s design is made in just the right way to appeal to the sensibilities of your end users.

App designing has greatly evolved in the recent times, with new technologies being introduced in this sphere that allow app design and development firms to create mobile apps that are not only user friendly but also quickly responsive and visually attractive. However, there are certain aspects of app designing that have more or less remained the same. Here are some of the steps involved with app designing that you need to know before you start working on your own app development project.


Think of the idea in totality. The concept of designing is not limited to looking good on your mobile screen only. It encompasses the entire gamut from the mere idea to having the actual product ready. Go about the process meticulously taking each and every factor into consideration. You are sure to succeed once you check out some innovative options by the top App development company today.

Target Customers

Do you know the clients you want to target? It might help to do a bit of research into the usability of such an app or hire a survey team in order to have the right group to focus on. Alternatively getting in touch with the best apps development professionals who can help your company make its mark might be advantageous for you. The users will definitely be delighted with the end result while your own business venture gains hugely. If you are looking to develop an iOS app, then you should do some market research first about the possible requirements of app users in the iOS phone segment. Alternately, you will have to do the same with Android users if you are looking to create apps for the Android platform. While more number of people all over the world use Android based phones, there is also a strong market for the Apple iOS devices as well. So you need to decide which would be more strategically appropriate for you to work on. Ideally, you can start by working on Android apps first and then make a move with the iOS apps. Also, you need to remember that Android and iOS apps have very different technical requirements. So you should also arrange for specialized app testing methods for both the platforms.

Types of prototypes

One important part of an app development project is prototyping. You will need to come up with a number of prototypes before you actually decide on the final versions that your development team needs to work on. While prototyping, you will need to consider the main purpose of a prototype, the medium to be used for it, the probable longevity of the prototype and other factors. You will also have to decide on the type of technology that will be used for the app development project and the functions that it is going to be used for. Such factors will play a critical role in deciding on the design of your app.


Sure, you want an app that can be customized and fit into any given niche. Be sure to hire the quality Android or cross platform designers in order to turn your idea into hard core reality. It will pave the way to success.


Have a feedback option installed within your app too. It will help the users discover whether they could complete an action properly or not. The actual interface might be as simple as a beep or a somewhat complex modal window.

Fun Elements

You might also be inspired to add a fun element in the form of personas especially, if your target group happens to be young. Hiring a well versed Android app development company to check out your requirement and successfully incorporating the same will give you more time to attend to the other areas concerned with your business.

Advantages of app design process for a business

By having a well rounded app design strategy in place, you can reap the following advantages for your business:

· Low Investment and High ROI

· Easy to Promote

· Effective way to communicate with the end users