The Beginning of a Musician, my Presentation

Hi and thanks for reading!

My name is Franco Donatti (23), and I am an student of a music (composition & piano) from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’m starting this blog as a way of documenting my “journey” (I hate that word) through the my life of as a musician. I’m also planing on creating a Vlog with the same end.

Currently being mainly an student, I work as a freelancer doing all kind of music related jobs (from musical composition to musical investigations, musical arrangements, etc).

Outside of that, I upload versions of songs to Instagram (mainly keyboard covers), and some music I compose to SoundCloud. However, I’m starting to get a little tired of this, and I’m creating -or trying to create- new content. This blog could be seen as a way of doing that.

On the past (two years ago, and for a period of an year), I used to upload “techno versions” of classical music to Youtube, with a “videoclip” recorded by me. This content was useful to “get out of my room” and “produce something to the world”, but nowadays I find this “modification” of classical music a little “insulting”. Even I removed most of this videos two weeks ago.

Later I started to upload my personal compositions to that platform (Also with a videoclip). However, the last two songs I’ve made were only uploaded to SoundCloud without a clip.

Life as a musician (and I guess with every profession) comes with lots of doubts:

. I am good enough?, There are lots of people most talented than me!

. Can I make a living out of this?

. Etc, etc (we don’t really need to get into the commons excuses, that only steal important time from us) .

My mainly goals this year are to create a band, and get more works of the same kind I‘m currently doing.

Other of my wishes with this blog, it that it will help me to get closer to this, serving as a reflexion and an introspection of this process (I’ll try to be the most honest that I can. Promise.)

My favorites genres are metal and rock & roll. Nevertheless, my studies are mainly of classical music (genre I don’t really love, but that I find as the base of all music. The same feeling goes to Jazz, style I’m beginning to study)

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope that my content will get better with every new post I write, and of course, to make something interesting for you.



SoundCloud (where you can listen some music I made):


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